Frankie Drake Mysteries, Season 1 DVD

Frankie Drake Mysteries, Season 1 DVD


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DVD Details

  • Format: DVD, Region 1
  • Number of Disc: 3
  • Genre: Crime Drama,Mystery,Period Drama,Canadian TV Series
  • Starring: Lauren Lee Smith, Chantel Riley, Rebecca Liddiard
  • Studio: PBS
  • Language and Subtitles: English

What’s it about

Set in 1920s Toronto, the series follows the adventures of Frankie Drake (Lauren Lee Smith) and her partner Trudy Clarke (Chantel Riley) at Drake Private Detectives, the city’s only all-female detective agency, as they find themselves fighting crime in the age of flyboys, gangsters, rum-runners, and speakeasies.

What a terrific departure in a mystery series! Set in the aftermath of WW I, and in the multicultural world of Toronto during prohibition years and times of feminist organizing, labor unrest, and racial and ethnic upheaval, the show focuses on vibrant and mysterious Frankie, who runs a private detective agency, her close friend and business partner Trudie, who is equally important to the drama, and free-standing mysteries that involve complicated issues of inequality, discrimination, and the transformations of modernity, against a backdrop of good humor, provocative relationships, and a spirit of community. It’s a moment when the very same questions–and retrograde oppressions–are returning, so Frankie and Trudie are inspiring heroines in the present as much as exemplifying “new women” of the 1920s. Delightful and smart!

I loved this show. It was exactly what I needed on a dreary binge watch day. It was fun and funny. Reminded me of the stories my Gramma used to tell me about her life in the 1920’s. While this series is fun, it does depict crimes that were very much true to the times and the area of Canada (I live just over the border from Canada in New York). The series touches on the fight for equality for both black and white women.

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