Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears DVD

Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears DVD


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DVD Details

  • Format: DVD, Region 1
  • Number of Disc: 1
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Starring: Essie Davis£¬Rupert Penry-Jones£¬Ashleigh Cummings
  • Studio: Acorn
  • Language and Subtitles: English

What’s it about

Phryne Fisher helps to rescue a young Bedouin girl called Shirin from imprisonment in 1920s Jerusalem. While doing so she is suspected of having died. Shirin is reunited with her uncle Sheikh Kahlil Abbas and they travel to Lofthouse Manor in England where a memorial is being held for Miss Fisher by her friends Lord and Lady Lofthouse. DI Jack Robinson travels to England from Australia to attend the memorial and is just about to deliver her eulogy when Miss Fisher arrives on her biplane.

Shirin discusses with Miss Fisher about how she came to be in Jerusalem. As a child, a sandstorm had wiped out her village and she was the only survivor having been rescued by a mysterious stranger. This stranger has now sent her a letter asking to meet at All Saints’ Church at midnight. Miss Fisher notices that the letter had already been opened so volunteers to attend the meeting on Shirin’s behalf as it could be dangerous. On her way to the meeting, she asks DI Robinson to accompany her to the meeting. At the church, she approaches a British man called Wilson. He is shot by an unknown assailant. Before dying, he gives Miss Fisher an emerald amulet which he asks her to give to Shirin. Miss Fisher and DI Robinson are arrested at the scene and the police reveal that Wilson was a felon who had deserted the British army with fellow soldier Captain Harry Templeton who has already been executed for desertion.

Miss Fisher and DI Robinson visit antiquities expert Professor Linnaeus, who explains that the amulet is engraved with the inscription “Crypt of Tears,” which was connected to Alexander the Great, and that he believes that it is cursed. While there, the unknown assailant attempts to steal the amulet from DI Robinson who manages to fight them off. The following morning, Miss Fisher sneaks into the Sheikh’s bedroom at Lofthouse Manor where she discovers that the Sheikh had signed an agreement with Lord Lofthouse and businessman Vincent ‘Monty’ Montague involving the British Palestine Railways. Later in the night, he is shot dead by the unknown assailant.

DI Robinson visits Captain Templeton’s widow who gives him an astrolabe which had been owned by her husband. Miss Fisher finds a large emerald in a pot in the Sheikh’s room which is verified by Professor Linnaeus as being linked to the amulet. DI Robinson, Miss Fisher, Jonathon Lofthouse (the younger brother of Lord Lofthouse), and Shirin all travel to Negev and find a tomb in the desert using the astrolabe. A corpse, which had been stabbed by a dagger carrying Jonathon’s insignia, is found in the tomb. He reveals that he had accompanied Captain Templeton and Wilson to Shirin’s village a decade ago in search of the jewels. Captain Templeton had shot and murdered the villagers. Shirin’s mother showed them to the tomb where upon hearing the gunshots, there was a struggle where he accidentally killed her. He returned with them so that he could return the jewels as he believes that he is cursed. Miss Fisher therefore figures out that the unknown assailant is someone trying to protect Jonathon which she identifies as his real father, the Lofthouse’s butler, Crippins. He emerges from the shadow of the tomb and attempts to steal the jewels but is stopped by Jonathon who holds him hostage while the others escape from the collapsing tomb walls.

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