Rick and Morty Season 1-5 DVD Pack

Rick and Morty Season 1-5 DVD Pack


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  • Format: DVD, Region 1
  • Number of Disc: 10
  • Genre: Animated Sitcom
  • Starring: Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer
  • Studio:
  • Language and Subtitles: English

DVD Season 1-5

Rick and Morty, Season 1
A strangely eccentric genius scientist and inventor, moves into the home of his daughter and her family and begins to strongly influence his young grandson. Rick helps Jerry out with the dog. It¡¯s Christmas. Rick shrinks Morty, injecting him into a homeless man to save Anatomy Park. Jerry tries to have a Christmas free of electronic devices, but regrets his decision when his parents introduce him to their new friend.

Rick and Morty, Season 2
Having restarted time, Rick, Morty and Summer are in a quantum-uncertain state of existence. An argument leads to the creation of two alternate timelines, which need to be stitched back together fast if they are to escape quantum collapse. Rick and Morty try to save a gas life form while Jerry resides in a daycare made for Jerrys. Rick gets emotional. Beth and Jerry get into a fight.

DVD 1-5

Rick and Morty, Season 3
Rick, still in galactic prison, puts an intricate escape plan into action. Back on Earth, which is now under federation control, Morty and Summer have an argument about their grandpa. With the kids dealing with their parents¡¯ divorce, Rick takes them to a Mad Max-style universe where he tries to steal a green crystal from a group of scavengers.

Rick and Morty, Season 4
Rick brings Morty to a planet containing crystals that show whoever is touching them all the ways they may die depending on their choices. Rick goes to his private bathroom to find that someone else has used it. Jerry creates an app with an unlikely alien and Morty pays the price. On a treasure-seeking expedition in an alien temple, Rick and Morty discover that a heist expert has snatched the prize from under their noses. Further twists, turns and double-crosses abound.

Season 1-5 DVD

Rick and Morty, Season 5

The fifth season of the animated television series Rick and Morty consisted of 10 episodes, part of the 70 episodes ordered by Adult Swim after they renewed the series in 2018. The series stars Justin Roiland as both titular characters. The season premiered on June 20, 2021 and concluded on September 5, 2021. (Justin Roiland as Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, the show’s two lead characters. Rick is often shown as drunk and Morty is shown as nervous and unsure of himself, often in doubt of Rick’s many extravagant adventures. Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith, Morty’s father and Rick’s son-in-law. Spencer Grammer as Summer Smith, Morty’s older sister and Rick’s granddaughter. Sarah Chalke as Beth Smith, Morty’s mother and Rick’s daughter, who’s also a horse surgeon.)

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