Spenser for Hire Season 1-3 DVD Pack

Spenser for Hire Season 1-3 DVD Pack


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DVD Details

  • Format: DVD, Region 1
  • Number of Disc: 16
  • Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
  • Starring: Robert Urich, Avery Brooks, Barbara Stock
  • Studio: WarnerBrothers
  • Language and Subtitles: English

What’s it about

This is for “Spenser For Hire (1988), Seasons 1-3”.
Total 3 Seperate DVD Sets.

Spenser For Hire, Season 1

Robert Urich stars as Robert B. Parker’s legendary Beantown gumshoe-with-a-difference, Spenser. Spenser is cut from a very different cloth than the usual round of TV detectives, a renaissance man who isn’t afraid to mix up a gourmet salad or just mix it up. Full-time bookworm and former boxer, the stylish Spenser drives a vintage Mustang that calls out his own sense of time and place – a yearning for a simpler time of ethics and standards, and diplays an appreciation of the best of the past in the present. Keeping Spenser in touch with his complex inner life is his psychologist soulmate, Susan Silverman (Barbara Stock), while the street-savvy Hawk (Avery Brooks) guides Spenser safely through Boston’s labyrinthine underworld. Richard Jaeckel costars as Spenser’s friend on the force, Lt. Quirk. Notable first season guests include William H. Macy, Chuck Connors and Shirley Knight.

Spenser For Hire, Season 2

Spenser: For Hire’s sophomore season ushered in some changes for the gourmet gumshoe: new faces, new challenge, and more mysteries around the streets of Boston, from Fenway backalleys to Beacon Hill townhouses. Foremost among them is Boston’s new Assistant DA, Rita Fiori (Carolyn McCormick), looking to rein in the freewheeling private detective, regardless of the chummy relationship that Spenser (Robert Urich) enjoys with Lt. Quirk (Richard Jaeckel). So it’s a good thing Spenser still has the extra-legal assistance of Hawk (Avery Brooks) when out on Beantown’s bad side. Spenser’s thirst for knowledge and yearning for justice see him framed for blackmail, meeting mad mountain men and coming to the aid of modern a Salem witch, all the while staying true to his personal code. Second-season guests include Marg Helgenberger, Samuel L. Jackson, Ed O’Neill, Spalding Gray, Laurence Fishburne and Ruby Dee.

Spenser For Hire, Season 3

Spenser: For Hire’s third and final season sees the wheel of fate keep spinning for Boston’s favorite cop-for-hire and company. Spenser’s independently minded inamorata, Susan Silverman, returns from the West Coast, determined to bridge their sundered relationship. Spenser’s longtime friend and valued ally in the Boston PD, Lt. Martin Quirk (Richard Jaeckel), gets sidelined with a heart condition. Lucky for Spenser, Hawk (Avery Brooks) stands ready at his side, and Sgt. Belson (Ron McLarty) still has his back. Spenser’s cases this season see him providing shuttle diplomacy between a judge and a gangster, tackling sexual harassment within academia’s ivy towers, solving a murder in old Plymouth during Thanksgiving and revisiting the case that’s been haunting him for years – the case that cost him his police career. Guest stars include Samuel L. Jackson, E.G. Marshall, Ving Rhames, Andie MacDowell, William Hickey and Giancarlo Esposito.

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