Strike Back Season 6 DVD

Strike Back Season 6 DVD


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Where can I buy Strike Back season 6 on DVD?

  • Format: DVD, Region 1
  • Number of Disc: 2
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Starring: Daniel MacPherson,Warren Brown,Roxanne McKee
  • Studio: Sky One
  • Language and Subtitles: English

Is Strike Back season 6 on DVD yet?

Strike Back is a British/American action-adventure/spy-drama television series based on the 2007 novel of the same name by novelist and former Special Air Service soldier Chris Ryan. The series follows the actions of Section 20, a secretive branch of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or MI6), who operate several high risk, priority missions around the world. The six-part first series began broadcasting on Sky One on 5 May 2010.

Is there a season 6 of Strike Back?

Terrorist leader Omair Idrisi (Don Hany) is captured by British special forces, only to be freed by his wife Jane Lowry (Katherine Kelly) during a prisoner transfer on the Syrian-Jordanian border. Colonel Adeena Donovan (Nina Sosanya) recruits Sergeant Thomas ‘Mac’ McAllister (Warren Brown), Sergeant Samuel Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson), Lance Corporal Gracie Novin (Alin Sumarwata) and Captain Natalie Reynolds (Roxanne McKee) into the revived Section 20 to capture Idrisi and Lowry. Section 20’s mission takes them across North Africa where Idrisi is seemingly killed in an airstrike.

Where can I watch the new season of Strike Back?

The team pursue Lowry into Hungary where they learn that she is trying to locate a rogue Russian biochemist in order to acquire a sample of the nerve agent Novichok. Idrisi is revealed to have survived the airstrike where he was captured by Octagon, a private military contractor running a secret and illegal extraordinary rendition program. Lowry intends to use the Novichok to break her husband out of a black site in Poland. When Section 20 thwart her plans by destroying the Novichok laboratory, Lowry attacks the black site directly and succeeds in freeing Idrisi.

What is the release date for Strike Back season 6?

Will Strike Back season 6 be released on DVD?

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