The Flash, Season 5 DVD

The Flash, Season 5 DVD


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DVD Details

  • Format: DVD, Region 1
  • Number of Disc: 5
  • Genre: Superhero,Drama,Action & Adventure
  • Starring: Grant Gustin,Candice Patton
  • Studio: WarnerBrothers
  • Language and Subtitles: English

What’s it about

No single episode of “the flash” can make up for last season’s shortcomings like episode 5, but “legacy” manages to bring together the most important elements of the past year in an emotionally satisfying way, even if the story’s logic is sometimes unreliable. While cicada’s story has come to an end, with a more worthy rival in the spotlight, the flash has suffered another family tragedy, though other changes, big and small, point to the future.

Time is back where we left off, and the flash aims his mirrorgun at the dagger, trying to destroy it. Ralph throws himself into the path of the explosion and gets a mirror image of himself. Every cell in his body is from the inside out. (it feels like an abandoned master mirror image plot, reminding me again that the show never really gives the villain his due.) The cicada II ran away, and the rest of the team wanted to know why Ralph did that. Sherloque understood, as I didn’t last week, that you probably understood: the dagger was intended to undermine Thawne’s future power, which is why he clipped it to his body and took him to the execution chamber. If it is destroyed in the past, it will not exist in the future, and there is no way to lock it up. (in addition to…… What about the energy-suppressing handcuffs and other devices we’ve seen? I guess we think thorne is too powerful for them, only a dagger keeps him in place.

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