It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: 5 Things We Want In Season 15(& 5 That We Don’t)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has proven to be one of the most enduring comedies of the 21st century, with the comedy remaining remarkably sharp and entertaining now as it was when the show first premiered all those years ago. Now heading into its fifteenth season, it’s a little hard to imagine what new things they can come up with that will push the comedy in some new and exciting directions.

However, there are a few things that fans would probably want to see the Gang get up to, and there are also a few that the writers should probably avoid.

Want To See: More Exploration Of Mac’s Relationship With His Dad


One of the highlights of season thirteen was the fact that Mac finally came out to his dad. In fact, his dance number at the finale of the episode was, in the opinions of many, one of the finest moments of the show as a whole.

The fourteenth season, however, didn’t really explore the consequences of that coming out, so here’s hoping that the show takes this opportunity to flesh out Mac’s relationship with his father after his coming out.

Don’t Want To See: The Waitress’s Decline


The Waitress has always been one of the show’s more divisive characters, in part because so much of what the audience sees of her is through Charlie’s perspective. Furthermore, she’s also been shown to have a number of personal problems that lead to her gradual decline.

While this is, of course, played for humor, there does come a certain point where it just starts to be sad and depressing. Hopefully, the show doesn’t emphasize it too much in the upcoming season.

Want To See: Another Genre Episode


One of the highlights of the fourteenth season was the episode which was basically a classic film noir. It was a brilliant episode not just for the acting of the cast (which is always excellent) but also for how cleverly it managed to act as an homage to one of the best genres of classic Hollywood.

It was clearly a bit of a love letter to the noir genre, so let’s hope that they decide to do another genre episode. Maybe a melodrama?

Don’t Want To See: Another Full Cricket Episode


One of the more depressing episodes of past seasons was the one that focused almost entirely on Cricket and his attempts to get his life back on track. Unfortunately, while there seemed to momentarily be some hope for him, it turned out that most of the time he was just on a bad trip.

While it was funny at the time, let’s hope there aren’t any more episodes that focus on this side character, since they almost always end up being depressing.

Want To See: More Callbacks To Earlier Episodes


At this point in the series, it’s become possible for the Gang to look back on all of the various antics and schemes that they’ve committed over the last decade and a half. In fact, one of the funniest moments in the most recent seasons sees Frank dressing up as one of Dee’s alter egos.

It’s both horrifying and hilarious, particularly since Frank starts being ill as the result of eating some bad clams. Here’s hoping there are more callbacks in the next season.

Don’t Want To See: More Dennis Madness


Dennis has always been a fascinating character. At first glance, he seems so bound up in his own ego that it’s hard to imagine him having a moment of weakness.

Increasingly, however, the show has begun to demonstrate that there are some important cracks in his sense of self and, while these have been very funny moments, the show should be careful not to overplay its hand in this regard. The funniest Dennis is usually the one that is blissfully not self-aware.

Want To See: An Animated Sequence


There’s a lot to love about the episode in which the Gang witnesses a holdup at a convenience store. Arguably the best thing about that episode, however, was Charlie’s reverie about a future with the Waitress, which is conveyed in a manner that is an homage to the Pixar film Up.

It’s one of those genuinely warm moments that are rather rare for the show and thus all the more rewarding when they occur.

Don’t Want To See: Charlie’s Gross Habits


Charlie is infamous for his many gross habits, among them eating cat food, drinking cleaning supplies, and inhaling numerous unsafe substances. While these are obviously a well-established part of his character, it’s become a bit tedious to see them again and again, and the shock value has worn off.

While it wouldn’t be a bad thing to see a bit of them in the upcoming season, let’s hope the show takes the character in some new directions.

Want To See: Another Musical Episode


Long before the noir episode, one of the best episodes of the show was the one in which Charlie set about writing a musical (which ended up being his way of working through childhood trauma).

Despite the fact that it’s a bit of a hot mess, it’s absolutely compelling viewing, and some of the songs are surprisingly catchy (including the one performed by Frank). Hopefully, the show will have another musical. Maybe a sequel?

Don’t Want To See: The McPoyles


The McPoyles are, along with Cricket and Artemis, some of the show’s most enduring characters. However, they are also, indisputably, some of the most disgusting and disturbing (which, considering how the Gang itself behaves, is saying quite a lot).

While they’ve made several appearances over the years, they’ve become rarer. As strangely charming as they can be in many ways, maybe it’s a good thing that they seem to be fading into the background.

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