Michael J. Fox To Reprise His The Good Wife Role In The Good Fight Season 4

Michael J. Fox will reprise his Emmy-nominated role of Louis Canning, which originated on The Good Wife, in season 4 of The Good Fight.

Michael J. Fox will return to the Emmy-nominated role of Louis Canning in The Good Fight season 4. A recurring, often antagonistic character, Canning first appeared on The Good Wife. Premiering on CBS in September 2009, the legal drama centered around Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies). The wife of the Cook County State’s Attorney, she goes back to her law career after a corruption scandal emerges involving her husband. The series, created by Robert and Michelle King, evolved from that simple premise. Remaining on the air until 2016, The Good Wife has been cited by critics for its memorable performances and incisive writing. It led to a a spinoff, The Good Fight, which followed the supporting character of Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski). As it heads into season 4, the spinoff is planning on bringing back some favorites from Alicia Florrick’s world.

The Good Wife, particularly in its early outings, placed a lot of emphasis on bit players. Necessary characters like judges and opposing attorneys, frequently minimized in other courtroom shows, tended to steal the show when they appeared. Michael J. Fox was among the drama’s memorable recurring guests. Introduced in the show’s second season, Fox portrayed Louis Canning. An attorney with his own firm, Canning suffers from a condition which causes erratic movements. He isn’t afraid to use this fact for his benefit, angling to earn sympathy from the judge and jury. Serving as a foil to both Florrick and Lockhart, Canning was featured in well over 20 episodes of The Good Wife


The Many Faces Of Michael J. Fox

Per Variety, Fox is about to reprise the role of Canning for The Good Fight season 4. Though the spinoff has its own identity, with a political tint that has been praised by critics, The Good Fight has brought back several notable characters from the original series. That includes Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter). It also includes actors such as Matthew Perry, Kurt Fuller, Dennis O’Hare, and Jason Biggs.


Known for embodying pop culture icons such as Marty McFly and Alex P. Keaton, Fox has mentioned in past interviews that he appreciates the fact his stint on The Good Wife allowed him to play against type. The actor, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1992, suggested that he was frustrated with the portrayals of disabled people in movies and television. Rather than simply being a figure worthy of sympathy or pity, Fox relished the fact that Canning was a fully-realized person. He could be genuine. He could also be cutthroat and deceptive, resorting to underhanded tactics if it helps leads to victory.

The return of Louis Canning is just one of the developments in store for The Good Fight season 4. Hugh Dancy is set for what appears to be a guest arc, as the spinoff will continue to weave in social and political themes to along with its legal twists and turns.

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