Ozark: The 10 Most Shocking Plot Twists In Season 4, Part 1

Left with a shocking cliffhanger at the end of Ozark’s season 3, the viewers were hoping that the writers would be able to keep this momentum going into the fourth season. Since the fans had last seen all characters in a lot of trouble (with Wendy and Marty now under Navarro’s control), they just couldn’t wait to see what storylines would unfold and whether they would be able to escape their tormentors.

As expected, the twists in this first half of the final season keep the viewer guessing at every turn. With the Byrde family struggling to stay alive, they’re becoming more ruthless and making just as many reckless decisions as the other characters. However, while the viewers would certainly hate to be in their shoes, their actions have provided much entertainment and plenty of shocking twists everyone will remember in the years to come.

Javier Kills Nix

At first, fans don’t know Javier Elizondro very well. Omar introduces his nephew to Marty and Wendy and explains that Javier will eventually take over the family business. When Javier arrives in the Ozarks, he seems innocuous enough. He brings Wendy pastries. Maybe, he’s just a partier and a player, (and not another intelligent or calculating villain Ozark fans were used to).

When private investigator Mel Sattem starts inquiring about Helen, things start to get messy. Sheriff Nix goes to Helen’s house to investigate and runs into Javier. Understanding Nix’s connection to Darlene, Javier shoots him without hesitation and possibly with joy. It was something that did take fans by surprise as it was so fast and quick.


Jonah Cooks The Books

While Charlotte is willing to follow in her parents’ footsteps, Jonah has got a rebellious streak in him as well as a distaste for what Marty and Wendy do to protect the family. After connecting with Ruth over Ben’s remains, the two discuss working together to launder Darlene’s money through the hotel.

It’s not a surprise that Jonah would go against his parents’ wishes–he’s done that many times–but working with Ruth and Darlene is the shocker, especially because he’s still terrified of Darlene. This action also puts his whole family in danger. Jonah will risk everything for his independence but now the viewers are left to wonder if he understands the potential consequences?

Wendy Betrays Her Own Son

Wendy Byrde makes some pretty irrational decisions, like being too honest with Omar Navarro. She isn’t afraid to look her enemy in the eyes and say what’s on her mind, even if it isn’t in her best interest. Therefore, it is a shocker when she turns on her own 14-year-old son just to teach him a lesson and risks Jonah being caught money laundering by the cops or the FBI.

Jonah is taught a big lesson when his mom messes with his accounts. Fortunately, his dad helps fix the situation but now Wendy has shown how vicious she can be and how much she is really losing grasp on things. Wendy’s desperation is messing up her motivation, leaving her next moves in question.


Wendy Actually Calls 9-1-1

Darlene Snell and Wendy Byrde confront each other frequently, often with seeming joy. In episode 5, Darlene drives to Wendy’s to discuss the missing sheriff. Darlene also demands Charlotte stay away from Wyatt but Wendy successfully riles her up enough to have a heart attack.

Given that Wendy had undergone a dramatic transformation by becoming a lot darker, it didn’t surprise anyone that she ended up watching Darlene suffer as she clutched her chest. However, what they didn’t expect was for the 9-1-1 operator to be heard as the credits rolled. Wendy may be turning to the dark side, but she’s still a bit human.

Darlene Shoots Frank Sr.

Darlene tries to work with Frank Sr. but, as fans have seen, she’ll take down her own husband if it’s necessary. Barely out of hospital after her heart attack, Darlene is busy plotting how to keep her little family together when Frank shows up. While Darlene is usually known for saying some iconic quotes, this time, she says nothing.

Instead, she grabs her shotgun. It’s not a surprise that she’d shoot someone without hesitation. It’s surprising that she’d kill such a powerful mob boss. Like all her other murders, she’s unphased by this one, unaware that her end is also near.


Omar Suddenly Passes The Torch

When Javier has federal agents killed to prevent another drug shipment seizure, it’s assumed that Omar will swiftly punish him. The shock comes when–after grilling Javi about why he did it–Omar tells him that it’s his turn to run things, time for his generation to step up.

Javier is surprised as well, worried that his uncle is ill. Omar insists that nothing is wrong. He plans to spend more time with his kids and his dogs. This seems very out of character for Omar but in fact, the man has his own plans in the works. Javier asks him what about the Byrdes and Omar says that once he’s taken over the Byrdes are all his.

Wyatt Proposes To Darlene

Ruth may be merciless when it comes to business but she loves her cousins. She takes care of them the best she can. When the situation with Darlene becomes too much for Wyatt, Ruth proposes they pack up, grab Three, and flee. Ruth has enough money to protect them for a while. Wyatt agrees to go.

When Wyatt returns to the woman he loves and finds out Zeke has been taken by social services, he suddenly proposes to Darlene. No one could see that coming. Wyatt has been wishy-washy in the past, but he’s never betrayed his family like this. Later, he admits to Ruth that never wanted to leave. No matter how afraid of Darlene Wyatt has become, his love is stronger.


The FBI Arrest Omar

The FBI says that they’ll make a deal with Omar but when they meet, the agents change the deal. They can catch a lot more people and make a lot more money with this ‘relationship.’ The Byrdes try to help negotiate, but the FBI is having none of it.

To see Omar Navarro sincerely astonished when the police pull onto the tarmac is amazing. Agent Miller has been a part of a major story arc since the casino opened. Miller has worked hard for a long time respecting the law and her superiors, that is until her bosses betray her. Watching the cartel kingpin on the ground being cuffed is fantastic, but now things are going to get ugly.

Darlene Gets Murdered

Though Marty warns both Darlene and Wyatt about their lives being in danger in the first episode of the season, Darlene is unafraid. So when the newlyweds arrive home, Darlene and Wyatt are surprised to find a stranger in the house. Javier points a gun at them and asks them to sit.

As Darlene does, fans see her nervous for the first time. Before she can get out more than a sentence Javier shoots her in the heart. No one expected this end for such a powerful and intimidating woman.


Wyatt Gets Murdered Too

If only Wyatt had run away with Ruth and Three. There is no reason anyone would wish Wyatt harm. He may have had to bury a few bodies, but the guy was sweet. He has a brief moment of happiness marrying Darlene, but to see his face after Javier shoots his new wife is heartbreaking.

He only has a brief second of recognition and horror before Javier shoots him. Jaws drop at this fast assassination. Zeke wales and Javier casually leaves, proving he may be more ruthless than any of the other villains we’ve seen on Ozark. Now everyone is left wondering what is going to be revealed until part 2 of season 4.

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