Star Wars: The Clone Wars – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ahsoka

Ahsoka Tano is an iconic character who first appeared in The Clone Wars. While her initial reception wasn’t positive, the series creators spent time and care on her character development. This investment paid off, and she has been cemented as a firm favorite amongst Star Wars fans. Recently, her appearance in The Mandalorian has exposed Ahsoka to a whole new audience. It’s easy to understand why Ahsoka is so popular. Aside from her role as Anakin’s Padawan, her unique fighting style and lore surrounding her makes her a unique female character who is ever evolving. Her lightsaber duels are some of the most iconic in the series, while her story features events and lore feature qualities that even the most ardent fan may not be aware of.

Ahsoka’s Species

Ahsoka is a togruta, an alien species which have a particular connection to the Force. Their most prominent physical features include their colorful skin tones, horn-like appendages on their heads called montrals, and three lekku in the place of hair.

Fans have seen togruta in Star Wars canon before Ahsoka. Jedi Master Shaak-Ti, who appeared in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, may be the most prominent example. Togruta is also a playable race in the online MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Her Lightsabers’ Color

Ahsoka is one of the few characters in Star Wars to wield white lightsabers. These lightsabers are exceedingly rare, as the process to produce them is difficult to achieve.


Ahsoka received her white lightsabers from a user of the Dark Side. The lightsaber crystals were originally red, but Ahsoka purified them, resulting in their white color. Ahsoka’s white lightsabers aren’t just aesthetically beautiful – they also represent a journey of overcoming pain.

Ahsoka’s Dueling Style

Ahsoka has an unusual fighting style, which involves wielding one or both her lightsabers being in a reverse grip. This style was made famous by Galen Marek in The Force Unleashed. It’s more common with fighters who use daggers or shorter blades, and allows for more movement at the expense of brute strength.

As Ahsoka uses acrobatics that require fast movement while fighting, this fighting style suits her. Ahsoka also often dual wields, which means she utilizes the Jar’Kai fighting style. This makes her a unique and formidable fighter.

Ahsoka’s Role Echoes Through Star Wars 

While Saw Gererra famously trained in combat and resistance under Anakin Skywalker and Rex, Ahsoka ultimately held the responsibility for his induction into guerilla fighting and leadership. In the final weeks of the Onderon resistance, Ahsoka was left to train and organize the resistance fighters into a group capable of overthrowing the Separatists.

Saw Gererra would eventually be a founding member of the Rebellion. He became notorious across both the Empire and the Rebellion for his uncompromising attitude and willingness to resort to deadly violence. While he didn’t learn this philosophy directly from Ahsoka, his experiences during her training formed his dark worldview.


She Remained Close Friends With Rex

Ahsoka and Rex had a close friendship with Rex throughout the Clone Wars. Together, they led one of the final battles of the Clone Wars, the Siege of Mandalore. They were also together when Order 66 was given.

Even when Rex turned on her, Ahsoka discovered the conspiracy behind the clones’ inhibitor chips and freed Rex from mental slavery. The pair escaped their crashing ship, and separated in order to better protect themselves. During the early years of the Rebellion, the two reunited and made it clear they were just as close as ever.

George Lucas Created Her Character

Most fans associate George Lucas with the Star Wars films, but he also created The Clone Wars animated show and the character of Ahsoka Tano.

He envisioned Ahsoka as Anakin’s apprentice, who was previously unknown to fans. The first incarnation of Ahsoka appeared as a concept drawing of a young girl called Ashla. Ashla would later become the Lasat term for the Force, and the Bendu named the Light side of the Force “Ashla”. Despite the reception of the prequel trilogy films, Lucas’ hand in the Clone Wars series would remain positive, and gave fans Ahsoka.

Why Ahsoka Gave Up Her Lightsabers

“This weapon is your life,” was one of the most important lessons Anakin gave Ahsoka, and one that she chose to pass on to her own apprentices. Anakin would later give her lightsabers back for her mission on Mandalore. In the aftermath of Order 66, Ahsoka found herself looking upon the graves of the soldiers who served under her. There, she left her lightsabers, to convince anyone who found them that she was dead.

Years later, Darth Vader would find them abandoned in the snow, an event made all the more poignant for the lesson he had once taught his apprentice. The Clone Wars showed audiences it was not afraid to end in tragedy.

Ahsoka Is Not A Jedi

Ahsoka’s journey through the Clone Wars made her question the purpose of the war and her place in it. She trained to be a keeper of peace, but instead served as a soldier during her years as a Padawan. The final straw came with an attack on the Jedi Temple. When Ahsoka was framed for the attack, the Jedi Order did not support her. Rather, they largely turned their backs on her and cast her out of the Order before her trial.

After Ahsoka was found innocent, the Jedi welcomed her back with a promotion to Jedi Knight. Rather than accepting, however, Ahsoka chose to leave the Order permanently. She decided find her own path outside of the Order that had shattered her trust.

Ahsoka Faced Three Sith Lords (& Survived): Few survive an encounter with a Sith Lord, let alone three in a row. Yet, Ahsoka held her own against Darth Maul, Darth Vader, and Darth Sidious all in one day.


These battles took place on Malachor and the World Between Worlds, where Ahsoka and Ezra narrowly escaped Sidious. Though she didn’t defeat the Sith Lords, she still held her own against Maul and Vader, and later survived Sidious. It’s a tremendous testament to her skill and tenacity.

Ahsoka Died & Was Resurrected

In the Mortis arc, Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obi-Wan find themselves stranded on a mystical planet. There, they encounter the Father, the Son, and the Daughter, each representing an element of the Force. The Dark Side Brother kidnaps and corrupts Ahsoka, who later dies from the corruption. The Light Side Daughter then sacrifices her remaining life to resurrect Ahsoka.

Since Ahsoka walked away from the Jedi, most of them often considered her to be “gray”. However, the fact that the Light Side itself sustains Ahsoka’s life implies otherwise.

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