Supergirl: Kara & Lena’s Friendship Timeline In Pictures

When Supergirl announced that they would be introducing Lex Luthor’s sister, Lena Luthor, to the show, fans worried that it would just be a feminized version of Superman and Lex’s relationship. And while that may have been part of the original plan, with their early dynamic mirroring Clark and Lex’s in Smallville, their relationship matured as the show went on.

Whether a fan is a firm believer in Supercorp or just thinks they are close friends, it would be hard to imagine Supergirl without Lena Luthor constantly challenging Kara to grow and change. A lot happened between them since Lena’s first introduction, and it can best be explored in pictures.

Kara And Lena First Meet

When Kara and Lena first meet, Kara is tagging along with her cousin to investigate a recent explosion. Clark sees Lena as an object of suspicion due to her family, but Kara and Lena quickly see something in each other, with Kara appreciating the idea that Lena wants to represent something more than just what her family does.

From their first meeting, there is a certain amount of chemistry that kept fans invested in seeing their friendship develop. Lena helps Kara realize she wants to be a reporter, and Kara helps Lena break out of the closed-off CEO persona she carefully built up before moving to National City.

It doesn’t take long for Kara and Lena to become close friends. Kara sees Lena as more than her last name, and Lena sees Kara as a beacon of hope for the good in the world.

Their friendship develops quickly until they are spending a great deal of time together, comforting each other, and challenging each others’ views on life and the political sphere.

Supergirl And Lena Begin Working Together

With Lena’s vast technical knowledge, desire to make her family’s name and fortune a force of good, and tendency to find herself amid assassination attempts, it was only a matter of time before she began to form a relationship with Supergirl.

While Kara tends to help Lena as Supergirl because of her friendship with her, Lena doesn’t know that her best friend is also one of her allies. She just respects Supergirl’s strengths and values.

Trust Is Broken Between Lena And Supergirl

Lena tends to believe that the ends justify the means, while Kara (especially as Supergirl) is very strict about what methods should be used. It was only a matter of time until that came between the two allies.

The trust between them was broken by three critical moments: Lena has and makes Kryptonite; Lena keeps the secret that Sam is Reign; Supergirl asks James to use his relationship with Lena to spy on her. After these three moments, their relationship is fundamentally broken.

Kara And Lena Remain Friends

While Supergirl and Lena’s relationship might have been destroyed by the secrets between them, Lena has no reason to believe that Kara had anything to do with that.

They maintain their friendship, getting closer than ever as Kara helps Lena work through the trauma her family put her through and Lena helps Kara get through her loss of Mon-El. The two get so close that many fans begin to root for the two to form a romantic relationship (Supercorp).

Kara Goes To Extreme Lengths To Keep Her Secret

Because Supergirl and Lena’s relationship is so strained, Kara begins to go to the extreme, even villainous, lengths to keep her secret safe. While Kara begins to tell Lena the truth a few different times, there is always a reason not to.

The worst of these moments is when Lena and Kara discover the Kasnian facility where Kara’s doppelganger kept a mural of their relationship; Kara burns it down to keep Lena from discovering the truth.

Lena Discovers Kara Is Supergirl

After multiple near-confessions, Lena finds out the truth about Kara in the worst possible way. Fearing that Lex will hurt her friends, Lena gives in to her darker instincts and shoots Lex.

As he dies, he tells her the truth: Kara Danvers is Supergirl. Alongside the bombshell, he shows pictures and videos of the two and the lengths Kara went to keep the secret. As Lex dies, Lena’s heartbreaks that she was lied to for so long by her best friend.

Kara Tells Lena She Is Supergirl

Kara does eventually tell Lena the truth, but it is only after Lena has already been told by Lex. While Kara willingly telling her keeps Lena from revealing her secret to the world, it isn’t enough to repair the pain and anger Lena feels.

After Kara tells Lena the truth, Lena decides to play the long game, manipulating Kara into doing her will while working behind her back to create a device that will keep all humans from betraying and hurting each other.

Lena Betrays Kara

For a while, Lena can keep the secret that she has not forgiven Kara for hurting her, but she eventually tells Kara the truth while stealing a weapon from the Fortress of Solitude and using the Fortress’s defenses against Kara.

Kara is hurt by the betrayal but continues to try to make things right with Lena. While Lena is hurt that Kara kept her secret from her because of her last name, Kara is determined to prove Lena is still a good person.

Kara Tries To Fix Everything But Eventually Stops Trying

The 100th episode of Supergirl, “It’s A Super Life,” is dedicated to the question of how Kara should have told Lena her secret. Using a little fifth-dimensional energy from Mr. Mxyzptlk, Kara tries a variety of different times and ways that she could have told Lena the truth, all leading to death or worse.

Eventually, Kara learns that there was never a perfect time to tell Lena the truth. She goes back to Lena and tells her that she is done groveling for forgiveness and will treat Lena like a villain if she acts like one.

Lena And Kara Begin Rebuilding Trust

Kara and Lena stay broken apart for another half-season while Lena works with Lex before she realizes that he is using her project for evil purposes. She comes to Kara with information and a plea to let her help, despite their relationship being broken.

Kara is reluctant to let her back in after everything that happened but gradually begins to open up and trust Lena again.

Kara Gets Sent To The Phantom Zone And Lena Fights To Bring Her Back

Lena and Kara are barely beginning to fix their relationship when Lex casts Kara into the Phantom Zone.

Lena takes the loss extremely personally and dedicates herself to getting Kara back. She integrates herself into the Super Friends and becomes the fiercest one in the fight to get Kara back.

Kara And Lena Reunite

After a long fight to bring Kara back, Kara and Lena are reunited, ending one of Supergirl’s most heartbreaking separations. Despite all of the tensions that they had before Kara’s loss, once they get back together, they seem to have gotten past all of their issues.

The time apart was good for their friendship, because it allowed them to realize how desperately they needed each other.

Lena And Kara Are Friends Again…

For fans who had grown tired of the post-confession angst, season six was a nice reprieve for fans of Kara and Lena. The two resumed their close relationship, with no more secrets causing trouble between them.

Their relationship in the show’s last season was what everybody longs for in a friend. They pushed each other to be their best selves and support each other through every struggle.

Or Something More?

There was a lot of anticipation from fans waiting to see if the showrunners would make Supercorp canon as a romantic relationship. While there was no romantic relationship confirmed—despite rumors of a planned kiss between the two in the finale—there was enough to suggest that they were more than normal friends.

The last words that the pair said two each other are: “Of all the friends I have ever had, you have pushed me the most, challenged me the most.” “You’ve made me a better person.”

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