The 100: The Main Characters, Ranked By Power

The 100 has powerful characters, though not in terms of sheer strength or abilities. They have power over others and are strong leaders.

When most TV fans think of power, they think of abilities in comic book inspired shows like flight or super speed. In shows that don’t feature superpowers, however, the power a character holds can be a bit different. It might be sway over a group of people, leadership in a community, or even the knack for talking their enemies out of bad situations. In the case of The 100, all of those contribute to the power of the main characters.

What’s most interesting in a show like The 100 is that most of the power isn’t held by the adults or the wealthy. Instead, power is largely in the hands of the teenagers who grow up over the course of the series, struggling to survive, making the tough decisions, and getting everyone around them to follow suit.



Miller is one of the few teens who is present from the beginning of the series to the end that doesn’t actually hold much power in the society the Arkadians build. While he’s incredibly security conscious, he is the person most likely to follow the orders of whoever he thinks is best suited to be in charge.

At different points in the show that’s Bellamy, Kane, Indra, Octavia, and Clarke. When his trust is betrayed by someone, he shifts allegiance, but his allegiance doesn’t typically inspire others.



Echo is a lot like Miller in that she’s someone who always puts her efforts behind someone else’s goals. Raised as a spy amongst the Ice Nation, deferring to the leader is usually her first instinct. She eventually comes to trust Bellamy implicitly.

In fact, most fans will recognize her more for her relationship with Bellamy in the later seasons than they will for her position in Clarke’s inner circle. Echo has a lot of skills, but she doesn’t hold much power in that circle.



If Monty held more social power amongst his friends, the events of The 100 might have gone very differently. He just wants humanity to find peace in his lifetime, but his friends and allies keep ending up embroiled in war.

The only time Monty is able to truly demonstrate what power he could have had is when he’s left in charge of putting everyone in cryo-sleep. Monty and Harper opt to stay awake themselves, live out their lives, and give humanity a fighting chance at a new home. It’s the one time he gets to do what he thinks is right without facing opposition from everyone else, and it’s one of Monty’s best acts in the show.



Emori doesn’t initially hold much power or influence over her peers. That changes, however, when she ends up on Sanctum, which is why she isn’t at the bottom of the list.

Once Emori plays the role of a Prime, she understands what it really means to be responsible for a large group of people. She takes charge of the kids who are in danger, trying her best to keep them safe, and using her status as a supposed Prime to do it. She still doesn’t have quite as much power, however, as most of the other main characters.



Murphy is a bit of a follower when the series begins. He ingratiates himself to the person he thinks is going to be in charge – Bellamy. When that doesn’t work out the way he wants it to, he becomes a bit of a loner and a rebel.

By the end of the series, however, Murphy is a member of the inner circle of survivors. Like Emori, he’s calling shots at Sanctum and trying to keep people safe. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have quite as much sway to get things done, though he keeps trying to get his good deeds to outweigh some of his worst.



Raven is easily one of, if not the, most intelligent on The 100. Despite how smart she is, she has a difficult time getting other people to listen to her. Raven is at her best when she does things her way and waits for others to catch up. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often.

Instead, Raven typically finds herself at the mercy of the group decisions. No matter how often she makes sense or her arguments are correct, everyone still defers to a handful of other people instead of her.



In the first season of The 100, Bellamy holds a lot of power over the delinquents on Earth. They’re more likely to listen to him than they are to Clarke. Over time, however, Bellamy and Clarke share the responsibilities of leading their people – until he deviates from the group in a big way.

When Bellamy begins to believe in the Shepherd’s ideas about humanity, his friends don’t understand his sudden change in attitude. No matter how hard he tries to help them understand, they won’t listen to him, and that’s where he starts to lose the power he held on Earth.



Lexa might not have been in the show for long, but it’s clear for the time that she’s present that she’s one of the most influential of Grounder leaders. She doesn’t become Heda by default; Lexa earns her place at the top.

Despite her young age, there’s a lot of respect for her amongst the Grounder Nation. She isn’t, however, able to do something that Octavia is able to do later – unite them as one clan, or Wonkru.



Octavia spends the first few seasons of the series finding herself. She struggles with her place in the world since she’s always been told she doesn’t belong. Octavia isn’t someone who seems to radiate power like Bellamy, or even Clarke. Instead, she works hard and has power thrust upon her when she wins the conclave.

It’s that conclave that helps to really transform Octavia and make her someone who can stand up and be the bad guy for Wonkru. Not everyone in Wonkru loves Octavia, but they will follow her to the end of the world if they have to.



Clarke is a natural leader. Even when only a handful of her peers are listening to her at the start of the series, she doesn’t stop trying to keep everyone alive. She is the one person, despite all of her bad judgments and the blood on her hands, that everyone defers to – even Lexa and Octavia.

Lexa puts the bonds between Grounder tribes at risk for Clarke. Octavia steps down as a leader because Clarke brings Madi to Wonkru. Bellamy defers to Clarke when it comes to strategy. Even when Raven knows best and is snapping at Clarke, she still follows Clarke’s lead. Clarke Griffin holds a great deal of power in The 100.

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