The Blacklist: The 10 Best Characters Introduced After Season 1

The Blacklist has seen plenty of characters come and go, from Liz’s love, Tom Keen, to Mossad operative Samar Navabi. While the mainstay characters were all introduced in season 1 and, in most cases, in the very first episode, several supporting characters were introduced as the series went on.

Every supporting and guest character added something to the story, particularly the most memorable blacklisters who all had a unique skill they used to benefit their criminal enterprises. But a few of the characters who joined the show after the inaugural season stood out, both on the side of good and bad.

Alina Park

Once Samar left and Liz went rogue, it came time for a new FBI agent to join the team. That person was Alina Park, who was an interesting addition to the team, both during her time working with Liz and after. She instantly fit right in, but it was revealed that she had a pretty dark past and a temper that could sometimes get the best of her.

Nonetheless, Alina was right there with the task force whenever they needed her and demonstrated some pretty fierce fighting skills along the way.

Teddy Brimley

Teddy looked so unassuming every time he entered a scene. But under that calm demeanor, he was actually a very skilled and terrifying interrogator, who had violent and tortuous methods that could get even the most tight-lipped criminal to start talking.

On Raymond’s payroll, Teddy was Red’s first call when someone had a secret they were not willing to divulge. Red was always confident that Teddy would get the job done efficiently.

Cynthia Panabaker

The task force seemed to get away with far too much for too long. It would seem plausible that someone higher up would eventually step up and question their methods and how they were getting their information.

That person was Cynthia, who was the perfect voice of reason and authority figure to make the task force answer for the things they were doing, which sometimes got out of hand and stretched the realm of legality. She was firm and strict, but Cynthia was always willing to give Harold an inch and trust him when he asked for it, even if she did so reluctantly.

Katarina Rostova (Past And Present)

Katarina was shown in two iterations: as her younger self and in present day. It was revealed in the penultimate episode of season 8 that the woman who Liz thought all along was her mother was actually not Katarina.

Katarina Rostova had one of the best character arcs on The Blacklist from her first appearance in flashbacks to now. And with Red revealing that the woman Liz thought was Katarina was actually an imposter, and the implication that the real Katarina is still alive and in hiding, it will be interesting to see how her story continues in season nine.

Glen Carter

Glen was killed off the show after it was revealed that actor, Clark Middleton, had sadly passed away in real life. However, Blacklist fans will fondly remember Middleton for the way he provided much-needed comic relief in every episode he appeared in. A seemingly low-level employee at the DMV, Glen used his skills and access to work as a tracker on Raymond’s payroll. If there was someone Raymond wanted to find, Glen could no doubt locate them.

But he never did so without riling Red up a bit, much to Red’s annoyance. Constantly chowing down on food and cracking jokes, Glen was among the best-supporting characters on The Blacklist. Most Blacklist fans also agree that Glen’s most redeeming trait was that he was able to lift the spirits of anyone who came around him.

Neville Townsend

Every show like The Blacklist has that character fans love to despise. In the case of The Blacklist, while there were plenty of villains throughout the series, none was as brutally evil as Neville Townsend.

He was mainly seen on a murderous rampage, attempting to avenge the deaths of his wife and children. He didn’t even flinch when deciding to have his own sister killed and would flip allegiances on a dime if it would benefit his interests. Neville certainly had viewers nervous whenever he appeared on screen as he was so unpredictable.

Alexander Kirk

Also known as Constantin Rostov, the most interesting storyline involving Kirk was that he was suspected to be Liz’s biological father. Even he was convinced she was his daughter, tracking her down in hopes of using her to help save him from a terminal illness (via her potential of being a genetic match).

The back and forth he and Red had, followed by the mind games with Liz and the reveal of the truth, made season 4 a really compelling drama.

Dominic Wilkinson

While the character was played by a different actor in the final episodes due to the death of the original actor, Brian Dennehy, Dominic’s introduction added yet another layer to Liz’s (and Red’s) confusing back-story.

Fans were continuously trying to figure out what Dom’s connection was to Red and whether he truly had Liz’s best interests in mind or if there was something more to his story. With his presence, he managed to provide fans with the answers they desperately sought.

Marven Gerard

When Red got Gerard out of prison, he had an instant legal ally on his side. Indeed, Gerard was loyal to Red right to the end, even if Red questioned Marven’s loyalty at one point, having him harmed and interrogated by Teddy only to discover that Marven had never betrayed him after all.

Marven was a great person to have on tap as a member of Raymond’s syndicate. Even though he suffered a pretty bad fall from grace, he was involved in some interesting storylines.

Paula Carter

One of the most likable characters in The Blacklist, Paula was introduced in season 8 as the adorable elderly woman and mother of Glen, who had no idea what her son was doing with Red all those years, nor who Red really was. Red had a soft spot for her not only because of his affection for her son but also her sweet and seemingly innocent persona.

But as it turned out, Paula was a pretty crafty woman who, once she realized who Red actually was, became a valuable member of his operation. Anyone who can turn a bingo hall of retirees into a call center to locate a criminal was a genius in Red’s books.

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