The Good Witch: Every Halloween-Themed Episodes, Ranked

Hallmark’s The Good Witch was practically made for Halloween due to Cassie Nightingale’s witchy vibes, the secrets within Grey House, and all of the fall festivals the fictional town of Middleton seemed to have. The series did a great job of bringing the spirited autumn season to the screen, and fans find its cozy town rivals Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls.

With Halloween around the corner, Good Witch fans can focus on Halloween-based episodes throughout the show’s seven seasons. And while seasons 1 and 7 skipped out on a Halloween episode, seasons 2-6 all had a two-episode special revolving around the spooky holiday.

“Secrets Of Grey House” (Season 3)

Season 3’s special was officially called “Secrets of Grey House,” but it’s also called “The Enchantress Unites.” In the episode, popular author Jessica Carrington and her book editor checked in at Grey House after they stumbled upon Middleton. With Carrington’s latest book coming out in the next week, she and her editor decided to throw a release party in Middleton due to its spooky charm.

Cassie is typically one of the most likable characters in Good Witch but when she denied Carrington from doing her release party in Grey House’s backyard, the town went into a panic about where else the party could be held. All the while, eerie circumstances followed Martha and Cassie’s mission for a new location. Grace got into a horrible accident, Sam questioned his career, and Cassie and Martha were on a hunt around Middleton. Eventually, the book release party was held inside Grey House by the fireplace, where Carrington found out it was built by her beloved grandfather. The intrigue around the author’s connection to Middleton and Grey House made this episode exciting but it wasn’t the best Halloween-themed episode.


“Good Witch Halloween” (Season 2)

“Good Witch Halloween” is also known as “Something Wicked.” The special had two parts and was the first for the series, appearing after season 1 and at the start of season 2.

The special revolved around Middleton’s Harvest Festival and showed the town getting ready for Halloween festivities. But when Cassie transformed Grey House into a haunted house and a mysterious guest checked in, things went awry. The first part of the special left fans on a cliff-hanger, but things wrapped up nicely in the second. Nick helped Sam build a hay bale maze, Grace fought off rumors of being a witch, Stephanie won Harvest Festival queen, and Cassie and Sam realized they had feelings for each other while dressed in costume. While it was a spooky episode, fans couldn’t stop thinking about Sam and Cassie possibly becoming a couple. Because of their connection, this was one of the more exciting and dramatic Halloween-themed episodes.

“Good Witch: Tale Of Two Hearts” (Season 5)

“The Tale of Two Hearts” is also known as “The Heart of Middleton.” In the special, Middleton was buzzing as they planned the bicentennial Halloween Harvest Festival. What made this festival more important than others was that they were in a competition against the rival town, Blairsville. With Abigail as the new mayor, Martha had a hard time adjusting to the role as a civilian.

The real plot began when an expensive ruby (known as the Heart of Middleton) was stolen from the museum, casting a curse on all of Middleton’s couples. The special followed Cassie and co. as they tried to find the ruby while also saving their town from the Halloween curse without having the ruby as protection. At the Halloween gala, Nick and Grace’s friendship comes full circle when they realized it was their last Halloween in Middleton before college. Meanwhile, Cassie, smart witch that she is, suspected the thief of the ruby was her houseguest at Grey House. The mysteries that followed the theft of the ruby (and the fun competitiveness between towns) made this Halloween special one of the best.

“Good Witch: Spellbound” (Season 4)


In the fourth season, another two-part special was released, titled “Spellbound” (also known as “The Halloween Prophecy”). The episode kicked off with Cassie narrating the background of Halloween in Middleton and how it started because of a man named Cotton Perriwood. Perriwood married a relative of Cassie’s, but when his magical powers scared the town, he vanished and left his bride behind. Because of this, a prophecy was left behind, cursing Middleton.

Fast forward to current times and Middleton believed they were officially cursed when bad things happened. An unearthly guest checked in at Grey House, which made everyone feel as if he had something to do with the prophecy. Meanwhile, the town went all-in on a fall-themed decorating contest. The historical aspects of Middleton, along with the mysteries behind the prophecy made this spooky episode better than any Good Witch movie.

“Good Witch: Curse From A Rose” (Season 6)

Season 6’s “Curse From a Rose” was The Good Witch’s final Halloween-themed special. It had everything fans loved: fall activities, intrigue, romance, and Halloween night.

When Cassie’s former college roommate, Autumn Deveraux, came back to Middleton to pay a visit to Grey House, Cassie realized Autumn was on a hunt to ruin Middleton’s long-awaited Halloween festivities due to a grudge she held against Cassie. Unlike other specials, this two-hour episode revolved completely around Halloween as each couple had their own wishes for the holiday. From woodsy triathlons to bonfires to a pumpkin carving competition, this episode made fans envious of fall in Middleton. But with Autumn wreaking havoc on the town, Cassie had to smooth things over with her before the bonfire was ruined. With this special being one of the series’ last, it was also one of its best.

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