This Is Us: 10 Theories About How It Will End (According To Reddit)

NBC’s This Is Us has captivated audiences with its multi-generational story of the Pearson family through different timelines. And while many fans are sad to see the show come to an end, they are also excited to see what will happen.

The show, which has won numerous awards and received over a dozen Emmy nominations, is notorious for dropping hints and misdirections and leaving fans with cliffhanger endings that cause the theories and speculation to fly. But with the sixth and final season in 2022, the guesses have amped up.

Kevin And Madison Won’t End Up Together

Season 5 ended with Kevin and Madison deciding not to get married, and in a Reddit thread by u/Value_Bagger, the Redditor has some theories on how they will end up. They predict that the two will become great co-parents but won’t have a romantic relationship with one another in the end.

Instead, they predict they will each find love with someone else. Fans know Kevin is married in the end based on a wedding ring on his finger in the flash-forward. “They will find true love elsewhere,” is the prediction, with doubts that Kevin will end up with Cassidy or Sophie, but someone completely new.

Kevin And Sophie Will End Up Together

Conversely, some fans do believe Kevin and Sophie will end up together on This Is Us. They appear to be true soulmates, so it’s possible they could find their way back to one another. In the same Reddit thread, Redditor VogueSquirrel predicts that this is precisely what will happen.

They believe Kevin’s story all along was about him working to become a better man, husband, and good father. They believe fans will learn more about the breakdown of their first marriage and get a better understanding of what happened. “The story being told about Kevin this whole time was a story of him becoming the man he needed to be for Sophie and that relationship to work.”

Miguel Passes Away

The same Redditor u/Value_Bagger predicts that Miguel’s death will pre-date Rebecca’s, hinted as such since he isn’t by her side on her deathbed in the flash-forwards. Instead, it is Nicky who some believe either worked up the courage to see Sally and married her or is wearing a wedding ring to give Rebecca some peace in her final moments in believing he is actually Jack.

“I don’t know how or why he isn’t in the flash forwards,” the Redditor says of Miguel, “but based on audience sentiment and how the season ended, part of me believes that Migs may have tragically passed.”

Rebecca And Jack Will Reunite In Death

It is a given that Rebecca will die before the show is over, already seen on her deathbed in flash-forwards. In the same main Reddit discussion thread, Redditor Kreddit762668 predicts that Rebecca will finally reunite with her husband in death, and fans will see their post-mortem reunion through a sort of mystical flash.

“It will show her and Jack reuniting as their younger selves,” they write, “standing around watching their kids and grandkids be happy, maybe at a birthday or some celebration.” It would be a bittersweet end since Jack’s death was the most heartbreaking moment on This is Us.

Playing Pin The Tail On The Donkey

In one flash-forward scene, fans see the family with the game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It was in obvious honor of Rebecca, who had once said when she realized her memory would slowly start to deteriorate that she was fearful of forgetting those little, seemingly insignificant moments, like playing that game with the family.

In a Reddit thread by u/Sarca-sim, the author suggests that this game is how the show will end. They get more detailed, adding that fans will hear a whisper of Jack saying “Bec” as he greets her once she finally passes on, with the family playing in the background.

Nicky Gets His Life Together

There is a lot of speculation about Nicky’s journey and where he ends up. Clearly close with the family and married, or pretending to be, in a Reddit thread with This is Us theories started by u/Leonnim, a now deleted Redditor theorizes that Nicky is indeed married, but to someone that hasn’t yet been introduced on the show.

“He is clean cut and well dressed,” they point out. “I assumed it was to show how he got his life together in the end and was able to find and sustain a loving relationship.”

Randall Is Writing A Book

Perhaps in Roseanne style, Redditor u/Beautiful_Uproar predicts in a thread that Randall has been writing a book about the family this whole time. He may have begun writing in order to help Rebecca preserve those small memories that were so important to her following her diagnosis.

“Randall publishes the book and it’s a huge hit. There’s talk of making it into a movie and the Big Three decide that it would be a great way to honor Jack and Rebecca.” One of the burning questions about the final season of This Is Us is what Randall’s “rising star” status is all about. So, this could fit with that theory if it ends up being beyond the realm of politics.

Malik Gets Into Politics

In the same Reddit thread, Redditor Levicorpyuntani predicts that as Randall continues on his journey to becoming a rising star, and will likely take a higher political position, Malik, one of the best characters introduced after season 1 of This is Us, will follow in his footsteps and “help take care of the community that raised him.”

They predict that Randall will train Malik as his “worthy successor to take his place on the city council.” The theory makes sense since Malik has become such a big part of the show. It stands to reason that there will be an end to his story woven into the series as well.

The Story Is Being Told By An Unreliable Narrator

Further down in the same discussion, Redditor haventwonyet believes that many signs point to the story having been told by an unreliable narrator the entire time. The prediction is that narrator could be Rebecca since Jack is often seen through rose-colored glasses.

They note that some events, like when Jack spoke to Kevin’s coach about the way he was talking to them, wouldn’t have been known by anyone but Jack. “The other Jack stories are either from a child’s perspective, which is notoriously unreliable or from a woman who is going through the early stages of Alzheimer’s.”

The Kids Finally Step Out Of Their Parents’ Shadow

Looking deeper, a Reddit thread by u/LubieDobreJedzenie predicts that the ending will simply confirm that the Big Three have finally stepped out of their parents’ shadows. Randall finally admits to others and himself that he believes he might have been better off with his biological parents and “doesn’t have to carry the burden of gratitude all his life.”

Kevin understands that he might not be able to find the same “passionate and romantic” love story his parents did but can write his own love story that’s unique to him. And Kate finally accepts that she needs a different kind of man, and realizes “the right person for her might not be similar to her dad at all.”

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