WandaVision: 10 Hilarious Quicksilver Memes

One of the biggest moments in WandaVision was when the X-Men Quicksilver showed up – and launched a thousand memes.

With great Marvel shows come great Marvel memes, and WandaVision is one of the latest in a long line of internet jokes. One of the biggest surprises of MCU history, that was not leaked through set photos, was Evan Peters’ appearance in the show as Pietro/Ralph Bohner where half the fanbase was disappointed that Peters turned out to be nothing more than a throwaway character.

Many other fans loved the way the character was handled, after years of asking for previous actors to cameo in current projects, Marvel did just a version of that in WandaVision. It was a great nod to the X-Men franchise and fans have now got new memes to scroll through online.


It’s Just Ralph


As soon as Evan Peters showed up in WandaVision the natural reaction from many fans was to think that this was an allusion to the multiverse with everyone now wondering how the X-Men from the FOX universe will appear in the MCU.

However, in the final episode, it was revealed that ‘Pietro’ was none other than Ralph Bohner, a resident of Westview and nothing more. Some audiences kept their cool and kept an open mind, but for the fans who were set on Evan Peters being Pietro from the X-Men, disappointment abounded.


Smiling Through The Pain


So many fans will be able to relate with Peter Parker in the above meme with the left half representing the pain and tears numerous people felt when the show was ending, Wanda losing Vision again, and Pietro turning out to not be Pietro after all.

That being said, many fans would have also had a small chuckle when his name was revealed. Was it a childish joke from Marvel? Yes, but that’s the nature of Marvel’s way and fans love them for it.


Pietro Who?


The number of people who have seen the MCU but haven’t seen the X-Men franchise is probably very low, but they probably do exist somewhere and for those fans who then went on to watch WandaVision, they probably felt like Logan does in the above meme.

Safe to sat many fans were confused even the ones who knew exactly who Pietro from the X-Men was, even then, fans didn’t have to know who he was in order to understand the show, only fully appreciate the cameo.




In the Halloween episode of WandaVision, Marvel managed to slip in a “Kick-Ass” reference said by Evan Peters’ character out on the street. Safe to say if Wanda ever managed to sit down and watch the movie she would get quite a shock as both versions of her brother have played two of the characters.

This meme harkens back to the ‘Star Wars’ item on Steve Rogers’ list from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Given that Sam Jackson plays both Mace Windu and Nick Fury, this would give Steve a bigger shock than anything new in the 21st century.


The Real Quicksilver


Due to the rights to the Quicksilver character being shared by both Fox and Marvel at the time, both studios were allowed to use the character, however, Marvel couldn’t mention the word “mutant”. This is why he and Wanda were known as “enhanced”, and Fox was not allowed to make any reference to Pietro or Wanda being in the Avengers.

The two studios attacked the character from slightly different angles, with the MCU focusing slightly more on the twins’ backstory. But the existence of two Quicksilvers begged the question of which one was the fan-favorite? For some it will be Evans and for others it might be Aaron Taylor Johnson.


Sweet Dreams


Ever wondered how Ralph ended up in Westview in the first place? Now fans know. This clever meme imagines Pietro/Ralph’s entrance as if it was the Quicksilver scene from X-Men: Apocalypse. Perhaps outside the Hex, this was Pietro all along and as soon as he went through the Maximoff Anomaly, his memory was wiped, and he became a 1970’s kid named Ralph Bohner?

The chances of this are highly unlikely given that Marvel put a full stop in Ralph’s story, but it’s fun to imagine.


Ralph Bohner


Marvel has never been one to shy away from a comedic name, and there was so much potential for Evan Peters’ Quicksilver to be the first in a new wave of multiverse arrivals. But in the end, Marvel went with the name joke, with an extra added “h” in the middle.

It makes more sense for Marvel to keep the franchises separate as, if Kevin Feige was wanting to start up the X-Men in the MCU, why use the same cast from a failing X-Men franchise? Even though all the cast were marvelous in their roles, it may be better for the MCU to start fresh.


The Reveal


As soon as Wanda went from saying “I had a brother” in episode 3, to “I HAVE a brother” in episode 5, this was a sign that there was potential for a Pietro to appear in some capacity. When the knock at the door happened and fans got that first glimpse of Pietro from the back, fans felt exactly like DiCaprio here in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

The back of Pietro’s head was digitally altered to look more like Johnson’s Quicksilver even though it ended up being Evan Peters. Regardless, that silver hair only meant one person.


Everyone To Their Friends


Everyone has at least one friend who does not care about the MCU as much as they do, but this doesn’t stop fans from going to work, college, or school the next day to explain everything that happened in the latest WandaVision episode.
Even though this person might have no idea who Pietro is, they’re about to find out and get the character’s entire backstory as well as a summary of the entire X-Men universe and MCU.




One of the biggest fan theories going around was Mephisto, with so many references to the devil throughout the show, it was only natural for fans to start speculating that one of the biggest bads in Marvel comics was going to make an appearance.

Fans will remember the above scene from Thor: Ragnarok when Loki (posing as Odin) realized Thor had returned to Asgard. It makes for an appropriate reaction from Mephisto realizing he sent in Evan Peters into Westview instead of Johnson.

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