Which All Creatures Great And Small Character Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

There have been many well-done British period dramas in the past several years, and it seems likely that All Creatures Great and Small will soon join that list. Based on the enormously popular novels by James Herriot, the series follows a young vet as he encounters the trials and rewards of veterinary practice in the region of Yorkshire. Of course, as important as the animals are, the series’ true magic lies in its human characters.

Looking at them through the lens provided by the zodiac yields a more nuanced understanding and appreciation of their complexity. But who would you be, based on your astrological sign?

Aries – Dorothy


As one of the fire signs, there’s no question that Aries often have a significant amount of charisma. That is definitely true of the character Dorothy, Mrs. Hall’s good friend who ultimately becomes a love interest for Siegfried.

From the moment that she enters the practice she shows that she has a magnetism that cannot be denied, so it’s not entirely surprising that Siegfried finds himself falling under her particular spell, revealing aspects of his personality that he keeps hidden from most others.

Taurus – Maggie


The Taurus is one of the more sensible signs in the zodiac, and they usually aren’t the type of people to tolerate fools gladly. Maggie, the barmaid that works in the village, has a very Taurean sensibility, particularly when it comes to the people that spend time drinking in her establishment.

What’s more, her personality as a Taurus also means that she is able to understand a great deal about Tristan in particular, and not always to his benefit.

Gemini – Siegfried Farnon

If there’s one thing that characterizes the Gemini, it’s the ability to have two different personalities that they exhibit to the world. Siegfried is a very complicated character with two sides.

One is the slightly eccentric yet very demanding and at times abrasive veterinarian and elder brother. The other, however, is a more sensitive person, who takes his responsibilities, to both his family and to the animals under his care, very seriously.

Cancer – Jenny Alderson


The Aldersons are an important farming family, and their fortunes often intersect with James and with the veterinary practice as a whole. One of their more important members is Jenny, the younger sister, who shows that she may have what it takes to be a vet.

Her nature as a Cancer means that she has a tender and loving heart, though it also means that there are many times when she puts her own emotional needs and impulses over those of others.

Leo – Tristan Farnon

The Leo is arguably the most compelling sign of the zodiac. They almost always have a unique ability to cast a spell on anyone around them, and it’s almost impossible to resist their charm.

These are all traits that Tristan Farnon, Siegfried’s younger brother, has in spades. He not only manages to appeal to most of the single women in the village; he also manages to bring Mrs. Hall under his sway. And, like all Leos, he’s a genuinely good person.

Virgo – Mrs. Hall

Good sense and logic are usually the two guiding principles for Virgo, who take it as their life’s work to make sure that everything is organized and in good order.

This is certainly true of Mrs. Hall, who is the housekeeper for Siegried and the others. Though she has a very no-nonsense attitude about her charges and does everything she can to keep the house orderly, she has the good heart that is also one of the key aspects of the Virgo.

Libra – James Herriot


James Herriot is one of the most appealing characters in this show, and his love of animals is part of what makes the series a must-watch for animal lovers everywhere. It is also true that he exhibits many of the most noteworthy signs of the Libra.

Like that air sign, he has a keen sense of justice, and his desire to go good and to provide extraordinary care for his patients–both human and animal–are what makes him the undeniable hero of this series.

Scorpio – Hugh Hulton

Matthew Lewis made quite an impression as Neville Longbottom–one of the bravest characters in Harry Potter–and he plays a very dashing young man, Hugh Hulton, in this series.

While he seems to be a genuinely decent and good man on the surface, there is also a darkness to him that aligns him more with the Scorpio. In particular, he has that sign’s willingness to lash out at anyone who he thinks has harmed him or those that he loves, including James.

Sagittarius – Tristan Farnon


There’s no question that the Sagittarius is the party animal of the zodiac, a fire sign that always knows how to have fun, and they tend to not take life too seriously. These are all traits that describe Tristan, who largely seems to float through life, mostly heedless of the responsibilities that he should shoulder.

At the same time, he also shows the typical Sagittarius ability to be very good at what they do, once they actually start to focus.

Capricorn – Helen


Like the other earth signs, the Capricorn is often a very sensible sign, even if they can also be a bit stubborn and at times a bit hard to understand.

These are all good descriptors for Helen, the romantic heroine of this series and one of the reasons that it is sure to be seen as one of the best period dramas of recent years. Though she clearly has feelings for James, her Capricorn nature means that it takes her a while to be honest, with herself and him, about them.

Aquarius – Mrs. Pumphrey

During her long career, Diana Rigg was in many great movies and TV series, and one of her great last roles was as Mrs. Pumphrey.

As the scion of one of the wealthy families in the district, she has the money to spoil her dog and to lavish it on the vet, but she also shows that she has some of the noteworthy traits of the Aquarius. In particular, she has that air sign’s enigmatic nature, and it’s always hard to tell just what she’s thinking at a given moment.

Pisces – James Herriot


In addition to showing many of the traits associated with the Libra, James also shows many Pisces attributes. In particular, he’s a person very prone to giving into his emotions, at least on the inside.

As he shows throughout all of the first season and into the second, he also has the Pisces’ tendency to be a sign that loves to exist in a state of yearning, as he demonstrates in his refusal to just tell Helen how he feels about her, preferring instead to be silent about his emotions.

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