Why Lucifer Abandoned Rory In Season 6

Lucifer season 6’s central mystery is why the Devil abandoned his daughter, Rory Morningstar (Briana Hildebrand), so that she grew up without a father. When season 6 began, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) was on the cusp of becoming God when the emergence of Rory, a half-angel claiming to be Lucifer’s daughter, totally sidetracked him. Lucifer became consumed with proving that he would never leave his daughter behind while Rory worked through her lifelong resentment of the Devil.

Aurora “Rory” Morningstar first appeared in Hell at the start of Lucifer season 6. Rory sought the aid of the two people who came the closest to killing the Devil: Lucifer’s evil twin brother Michael (Tom Ellis) and Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro). Rory soon returned Dan to Los Angeles, albeit as a ghost, and she quickly confronted Lucifer himself. Rory also sought out her mother, Chloe Decker (Lauren German), and it became clear that Rory was indeed who she said she was: Lucifer and Chloe’s adult daughter who time-traveled back to the days before her birth. Since she is a half-celestial being, Rory could self-actualize like other angels. In her anguish over Chloe’s death in the future, which Lucifer didn’t appear for, Rory manifested in the ability to time travel because of her lifelong resentment of her father. Rory jumped back to 202o to confront Lucifer as to why she abandoned her and Chloe.

Lucifer abandoned Rory because the Devil returned to Hell to redeem all of the damned souls so that they can break their Hell loops and go to Heaven, which is why Lucifer missed being able to watch Rory grow up. In his quest to understand how to be God during season 6, Lucifer ended up helping some of the damned break their Hell loops and enter Heaven, including Dan. The Devil realized his greater calling isn’t to become God but instead Lucifer needed to go back to Hell, not as its jailer but as its healer. The Devil chose to become the underworld’s therapist in order to help every soul become worthy of Heaven. Hence, Lucifer left Los Angeles and returned to Hell to fulfill his destiny and the Devil remained in the underworld for untold thousands of years.

Lucifer also left Rory behind to protect his daughter and her place in the timeline. Rory’s time travel created a predestination paradox that would be undone if Lucifer remained in Los Angeles. The Devil and Rory grew to love each other during Lucifer season 6 and if Lucifer didn’t abandon her according to how she remembered her life playing out, then he risked wiping the adult version of Rory out of the timeline entirely. Lucifer going back to Hell and leaving Rory and Chloe so that their daughter grew up without a father made certain that the adult Rory could return to her proper place in the future. This would also mean the baby Rory would grow up to someday time travel back to 2020 and initiate her predestination paradox.

Before Lucifer returned to Hell, he rescued Rory, who was kidnapped by Dan’s killer, Vincent Le Mec (Rob Benedict). Lucifer also crucially stopped Rory from killing Le Mec, which was an irrevocable act that would have earned Rory her own Devil face just like her father’s. Out of love for Rory, Lucifer wanted to ensure that his daughter didn’t damn herself and make the same mistakes the Devil did countless millennia ago.

The irony of Lucifer’s ultimate choice to leave Rory and Chloe at the end of Lucifer season 6 is that it also ensured that Rory grew up with an absent father, just as Lucifer felt God (Dennis Haysbert) was an absentee father who banished Lucifer to Hell for rebelling. But Lucifer came to understand and forgive God in season 5 and similarly, his love for Rory caused the Devil to sacrifice being able to raise her in order to guarantee his daughter’s continued existence in Lucifer season 6 and beyond.

Lucifer’s Ending Creates A Big Michael Problem For The Devil

Lucifer season 6’s ending glossed over Michael being in Hell, and the Devil’s choice to become a therapist means counseling his evil twin eventually.


Lucifer ended with Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) becoming Hell’s therapist but this leaves the fate of his evil twin brother Michael (also played by Tom Ellis) as an unanswered question. Michael was the main antagonist of Lucifer season 5 but in season 6, the Devil is primarily concerned with getting to know his estranged, time-traveling daughter, Rory Morningstar (Brianna Hildebrand), and solving the mystery of why he vanishes from her life.

Michael was the worst of Lucifer’s enemies and he very nearly achieved his goal of becoming God in Lucifer season 5. Initially posing as the Devil, Michael sowed discord within Lucifer’s inner circle and he not only kidnapped Chloe Decker (Lauren German) but also manipulated Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) into shooting Lucifer after revealing that he’s the Devil. Michael stayed in the shadows when God (Dennis Haysbert) came to Earth in mortal form but it was so that the twisted archangel could gather support in Heaven for his bid to become the new God. Lucifer and Michael led opposing factions in a war for God’s throne and Michael killed Chloe, which forced Lucifer to go to Heaven to bring his beloved detective back to life. Ultimately, the Devil triumphed and earned the right to become God (although Lucifer didn’t go through with it). Lucifer cut off Michael’s wings as punishment for all of the sorrow his identical brother inflicted.

Lucifer season 6 revealed that the wingless and humbled Michael was banished to Hell and that his damnation involves him being powerless and cleaning the underworld’s gutters. Rory briefly saw her uncle in Hell but stopped short of speaking to him about how to destroy Lucifer. But by the end of Lucifer season 6, Rory and Lucifer made amends and the Devil learned that he abandoned his daughter throughout her life because Lucifer chose to return to Hell and become the underworld’s therapist. Instead of becoming God, a destiny embraced by Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), Lucifer chose to do for the damned what Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) did for him and help everyone in Hell break their Hell loops so they could enter Heaven. But this also means that, at some point, Michael would have to find himself on Lucifer’s couch as well.

To fulfill his self-appointed destiny, Lucifer (and Chloe, who joined him as the Devil’s partner in Hell after she died) will have to offer Michael the same counsel he is giving the rest of the damned souls. This means Lucifer will have to not only face Michael once more but show his evil twin more patience and understanding than he was ever able to muster before. Alternately, has Michael changed from being a villain after his defeat, humiliation, and his penance in Hell?

Lucifer and Michael have been like oil and water since the dawn of time. Whether or not Lucifer can actually offer Michael effective counsel to break his Hell loop so Michael can go to Heaven will be the biggest test of Lucifer’s skills as a therapist. But the fact that Lucifer will have to deal with Michael again also shows how Lucifer, typically, didn’t think his choice to become Hell’s therapist through. As with most of the Devil’s choices, Lucifer made an impulsive decision, albeit out of love for Rory and to protect his daughter’s timeline. If Michael has actually changed, and if the Devil can actually help his twin brother, it would behoove Lucifer to send Michael back to Heaven, just so he becomes Amenadiel’s problem as God if Michael reverts back to his nefarious ways.

Unfortunately, since Lucifer has definitively ended on Netflix, the question of whether Michael can change and go back to Heaven won’t be answered unless there’s some sort of continuation of the story. Michael basically became an afterthought after he was so prominent (arguably to a fault) in Lucifer season 5, and he was only briefly seen from behind (and apparently not played by Tom Ellis) in Lucifer season 6. Lucifer’s decision to return to Hell and save all of the damned souls was a noble ending for him, powered by the belief that “if the Devil can be redeemed then anyone can.” But sadly, fans will never know if Michael’s redemption will happen and how Lucifer will save his evil twin brother.

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